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Why Bother Ep: 034


Hey, I’m so glad you’re here and welcome to this episode of She Coaches Coaches.

Before we jump into today’s episode, I want to tell you about a new thing I’ve got on the go. 

It’s called the Coaches Referral Directory and it’s a select group of coach clients that I’ve worked with over the past year.

If you’ve been following me on this podcast, you’ll know that my word (or rather) phrase of the year is “Go Giver”.  And choosing this word has had a major positive impact on my business and the lives of my clients.

My mission is to help my clients in any way that I can. Sure, they hire me to work with them, mentor them and coach them to have greater success. And they get a ton of value in our coaching sessions. And that being said I knew there was even more that I could do. 

Early in the year I started to look for ways to embody this go-giver philosophy. For me that means I get curious and ask myself questions. I coach myself and see what ideas come up. Of course, not every idea is amazing, but you’d be surprised how many great ideas I do come up with. I kindle the little fire of inspiration in my mind with my thoughts and feelings, then during my morning routine I often get the most incredible ideas. 

And this Coaches Referral Directory is one of them.  

So how does it work?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  I invited some of my clients from this past year to be part of it. I set the criteria, I needed a photo, a bio, a link to their website and social media information. 

Then I pulled together a separate page on my website to feature these coaches. My goal is to drive traffic to this site and support them in attracting more of their best clients.  I get a ton of organic traffic to my website, but I’m a life and business coach for coaches, right? Well, that means I can’t help everyone who shows up on my website, or in my space looking for help. 

But I have clients who can.  I’ve got clients who are executive and leadership coaches, wellness coaches, parenting coaches, relationship coaches…. you name it I’ve got them

So, for me this is a 3 way win – that’s a win-win-win. I help my clients, give them another opportunity to be discovered.  The coaches themselves will share it with their audience and even further they can network independently and refer each other.

  • It helps me.
  • It helps my clients and
  • It helps their potential clients too. 

This is exactly the type of impact I wanted to create as a Go-Giver.

If you want to see what it looks like or you’re looking for a coach. Then you should check it out. Also, if you want to be featured, the only way you can get on this page is if you are one of my clients.  It’s only one of a number of initiatives I’ve created for my private clients over and above the programs, training and coaching that I provide.

If this interests you, we should talk, let’s see if it’s a good time for us to work together.  I put the link in the show notes so you can schedule an appointment.

So now let’s dive into today’s episode. We’re going to talk about this one short sentence.

Why bother?

These two words don’t seem like a big deal, they’re just two little words But they are everything and here’s why.  How often do you have a to-do list ready for the day? You know what you should do, you know what you want to do and then when it comes time to do “that thing” – whatever it is. Maybe it’s reaching out to potential clients, writing a newsletter, going to an online networking event.  It could be any of these things.

When we think “why bother” we hesitate and so often we just stop. We don’t do that thing we were going to do.

Now when I hear this in my own mind, I know it’s just my brain trying to conserve energy and keep me safe.  My brain thinks some weird things, and I bet yours does too.  My brain thinks online networking group events are very dangerous. Yes, I’m smiling as I say this, but my brain still wants to try and make me believe it.

So ‘why bother’ happens, just those two little words can derail your entire plan!

Now when you decided to put that thing on your to do list you had a really good reason, and you knew that it was worth doing. 

Maybe your brain is nervous (if you don’t know me well yet know this – I always refer to my brain as a separate entity because it helps me to choose better thoughts, feelings and actions instead of living my life on autopilot. If you don’t already, I would highly suggest you take them same approach. Our brain is like an amazing computer and we’ve got to remember to reassure it and program it for what we want!)

Maybe your brain thinks you’ll never reach that goal and it wants to save you disappointment.

Maybe your brain knows that you can and will reach that goal and it’s scared of the success and what that success might bring.

It could be any, or all, of these things.

  • A way to save energy.
  • A way to avoid danger.
  • A way to avoid feeling disappointed or potential embarrassment.
  • A way to avoid success!

That last one often triggers me when I realize the thought “why bother” might be a way to avoid success and what it will bring. 

So now when I hear those two little words in my mind. I remind myself, why I want this. Why do I want my goal of an even more highly profitable and impactful coaching and training business?

How will creating this, impact the lives of those around me?

I remember, it will make the lives of my family so much easier and give us more opportunity. It will allow my clients to move closer to their dreams. It will further the impact of coaching and help people have even more access to fulfillment and purpose.

I remind myself; I’ve changed so much over the past few years. I’ve gone from senior (and deeply unhappy) corporate leader to fulfilled creative business owner. 

I managed those changes and I’m pretty sure I will be able to handle the changes from even more success too.  

That sentence “why bother” is completely ineffective when I remember WHY I’m doing this.

And this gives me the inspiration to take that next step (or leap). I hope does the same for you. I hope this episode reminds you of how much the world needs you and your gifts.

So, when you find yourself pulling back and saying…’why bother’ you too will remember that nothing is more important than what you are creating, the clients you will help and the growth you can experience.

Hey, I so appreciate that you’re here as part of my community and I hope you’re applying this stuff too. I want to hear from you, click through to the episode notes and leave me a comment tell me the kinds of things you want to learn more about.

I’m always looking to help you best and that means creating episodes that speak to exactly where you are at.

Of course, you can do all of this on your own using the information I share with you in these episodes.

Many of you are great do-it-yourselfers and I’m happy to support you too so keep listening and remember to subscribe. 

And if you want more help, maybe you want to work more closely with me. I’m here. My clients are go-getters, and many of them wanted to become a coach for weeks, months or even years before they got started. They are eager to dive in and they know that their time is now. They want the fastest and funnest (if that’s a word) route to becoming a successful coach and they’re eager to get their first 10 paying clients. If this sounds like you, I’d be honored to be your mentor and guide. Click on the link in the episode notes and let’s talk to see if it’s time for us to work together.

Before I wrap this up, I want to invite you to my website.  Step Into Success Now.com – I’ve got so much good stuff there for you! There’s a link to sign up for my free resource library, The Coaches Online Business Academy, and of course it’s an easy way for you to learn more about becoming a fully booked coach.  There are literally hundreds of blog posts, videos and step by step guides to get your started. And this is the spot where you can check out the Coach Referral Network I spoke about earlier in this episode. 

When you lean into my website and resource library, you don’t have to go randomly searching all over the internet for the next piece of the puzzle. 

That being said I know there are loads of you who want to make faster progress, you’re eager to get your first paying clients and get my help along the way. If that’s you, set up a time for us to talk. When you click the link to book a call, I ask you a few questions. Take the time to answer them thoroughly so we can use our strategy session in the best way possible. When I know where you’re coming from, then I can show up the best to help you, and it’s easier for us to decide if we’re ready to work together. 

Alright, that’s it for today. I’m so appreciative that you spent this time with me. 

I’ll be back to talk with you next week.

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