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Don't be the world's best kept secret


Are you the world’s best-kept secret?

You know that you should be getting out more.  Talking to people.  Telling them what you do.  Building up your network.  Asking people if they would like to get together and learn how coaching can help them.

So, you bite the bullet and sign up for a live networking event.  But as the day gets closer, you become more and more nervous.  The inner critical voice in your head asks: “What will you say?  Why would anyone care?  Who do you think you are?  You can’t really help anyone!”

As your fear grows you finally say to yourself, “I’m not going.  I just can’t do this!”

And so, you don’t go.  And nothing changes in your business.  No one is calling.  No one is stumbling upon your website.  No one knows what you can do and how you can help them.

You’ve just become the world’s best-kept secret.

But here’s the truth, if you don’t tell people how you can help them your business will stay stalled, forever.

I know it can be tough to get out there and start talking to people. Especially, if you are an introvert! But I believe in you, and I know you are meant to be a successful coach.

How do you make networking easier? You prepare.

Begin by knowing exactly how you help people. Coaching is still a relatively new profession, and a lot of people don’t know what a coach is or how you can help.  

Ask yourself, what problems does my coaching help my clients solve? Create a list and then distil it in to a brief description with specific and concrete results. Use these results to explain what you do.

For example, if you are a career coach you could say, I’m a coach, and I help people transition to a new a more satisfying career quickly and smoothly.

Another example, if you were a parenting coach, you could describe your business as follows. I’m a parenting coach, and I help blended families become harmonious.

Once you’ve found a way to describe how you help your clients, practice saying it with your friends and family, and practice in front of the mirror until you feel comfortable.

Now when you’re ready to walk out the door to a networking event, you’ve taken the first step in becoming prepared.

Confidence comes from action, and when someone asks you what you do, you can share the description of your coaching with them.

Next, lean on your coach training and ask the people you meet about what they do, and how they do it.  People love to share their excitement. Listen intently to them and then ask them a few more questions. Once the flow of conversation has started, you will feel more comfortable. When you relax, you will realize many of these people were feeling nervous too, and your curious questions have helped them to feel more comfortable too.

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