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Do You Have TPS? (Tall Poppy Syndrome)

Do you know what tall poppy syndrome is?

It’s what happens to the tall poppy, the one that grows and stands head and shoulders above the others in the field.  It gets chopped down for standing out!

It’s a message many of us internalized when we were younger.

Do you know the answer to that question the teacher asked in class?  Well, don’t put your hand up in case you get it wrong and everyone laughs at you.

Were you excited to volunteer for that interesting program? Well, don’t volunteer because you might be judged harshly.

Did you experience this too?

Do you still hold yourself back from standing out a little too brightly? Do you stay quiet instead of voicing an unpopular opinion?

What would be possible if you stood out and spoke up?

You are the only one of you who will ever exist.

You are unique and incredibly special. You were placed on this earth for a reason.

And we need to see more and hear more from you. Your opinions, experiences skills and gifts are important. So, speak up and show up.

As you grow your coaching business you might find you get nervous when it’s time to go to a networking event or when you want to invite a potential client to a Sample Session.


Instead of thinking about yourself and how nervous you are, try instead to shift your focus to how much you can help that other person. Think of the positive impact coaching will have on their life. When you shift your focus in this way you may find you don’t feel so nervous!





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