Coaches, Are You Too Nervous To Call Yourself A Life Coach?

Coaches, Are You Too Nervous To Call Yourself A Life Coach?

How to become a life coach. Start a coaching business.


So many coaches are worried about what to call themselves.  

Very, very few want to call themselves life coaches. They want to call themselves something else. They want to call themselves something fancy, something that has more authority. It's like we think that the phrase life coach isn't valid.

Here's what my clients say in our sessions. They're worried if they call themselves a life coach, people won't take them seriously.

They believe people won't take me seriously, and this means they won't get clients and won't be successful. So they decide they've got to call themselves something different. Something that makes the skill of coaching and life coaching feel more valid, more substantial.

Now,  when I look at all the different niches that people are in, they're executive coaches, career coaches, relationship coaches, or organizational coaches. They might be internal coaches or external independent coaches.

But at the heart of it, every single type of coaching is about people and how they live their life.

So why can't we call ourselves a life coach?

When you think about what a life coach is and what they do. We help people make a transformation in their life. We help people get results. We help our clients get more of what they want and eliminate the things that they don't want in their life.

We help people transform their lives from humdrum and boring, living on a hamster wheel, to lives that are fulfilling and rewarding.

The result?

Better relationships, feel better about themselves while they're living on purpose. They learn to make difficult choices so that they're taking care of themselves, and treating themselves and others more compassionately.

It is a massive impact to help people, change how they live their life and change their perspective so that they can be happier and more fulfilled.

My God, that's an amazing thing! When you think about what we actually do as life coaches it is awe inspiring.

So I would just challenge you, what is holding you back from calling yourself a life coach?

Watch the video below and let me know what you think.  





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