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Feel better charging for coaching.


How to feel better charging for your coaching.

Yesterday I wrote about the value coaching provides and the win-win effect. The client wins because they get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want, and you win because you get to coach your clients and you get paid too.

Today I wanted to talk a bit more about the exchange of money and the energy around you being paid to be a coach.

If you’re still nervous about charging for your coaching, read on. This perspective may help you feel better.

I’d like you to go to the grocery store today. Take your shopping list, grab a buggy and push it up and down the aisles.

As you’re in the store, fill your cart with the items on your list. While you’re there you may realize you need (or want) some other items too put them in your cart too.

Watch the other shoppers going about their business, choosing items to put in their cart.

Once you’re done, go to the cashier. Put your items on the conveyor belt, chat with the clerks, and buy your groceries.

Grocery shopping is something we all do and we rarely think about it. But let’s stop here and look more closely.

How to feel better charging for your coaching.


Do you see what happened?

You had a need. You put the item in your cart and you bought it.

There was no drama about how worthy the broccoli or bread was.

It was a simple transaction. You had a need and you filled it.

People do this every day. They buy things that they need.

You can apply this message to your coaching business too.

People have a need. They want to resolve a problem, or they want to reach a goal and they need help to do it as quickly and easily as possible.

Your coaching helps them. So it’s completely normal and natural that they pay you for your service.

They have a need. You can fill that need. They will pay you for your help.

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