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5 Ways to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

5 Ways to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

Hey there,

I see you out there doing #allthethings. Starting a coaching business takes work, focus, creativity and perseverance. What habits and traits do successful entrepreneurs use to manage stress and for burnout prevention in the long term?

You’re doing emails, perfecting your sample session, deciding on how much to charge, improving your coaching skills, looking for clients, getting organized, learning and more learning and taking classes.

You’re probably doing all this at the same time you are working full-time in your career, caring for your family, trying to have a great relationship with your partner and still trying to squeeze in some time with friends. So where’s the work life balance and what do you if you’re already experiencing burnout?

Today is a good day to talk about the traits of successful entrepreneurs, and how to avoid entrepreneurial burnout.

Why am I a good person to be writing about this you say?  Well, it’s because I’ve been there too, a few years ago I had major burn out and I recovered.  Even today, because I’m driven, and I always want to do more and do it well, I still walk that edge and I need to be conscious of my state and act wisely to maintain my health.  So, I’ve been there, I’ve rebounded, and, in the process, I’ve learned a few things.

Let's talk about these 5 ways to maintain your mental health

  1. Accept we all have a natural rhythm
  2. Recharge your self daily
  3. Learn to say Yes and No
  4. The power of connection
  5. Reframe your perspective


1. Accept we all have a natural rhythm.

    We are human, and we need to become aware of our cycles. Some days you will be up and other days you will be down. We can’t always be “up” pushing hard and accomplishing 110% in everything we do. Sometimes we’re energetic and sometimes we need a nap.

    Just like the ocean, the waves rise and fall and so do the tides in concert with the phases of the moon. 

    Learn to give yourself permission to be human. To do your best and be your best you need to become aware of your rhythm and follow its guidance. Recognize the signs of burnout and understand how burnout affects you and others.

    Allow yourself to rest when you’re tired. This doesn’t mean you have to jump on a plane for a holiday every time you’re exhausted. (although more vacations are a good idea!). Nor does it mean you need to sleep 10 hours every night. What it does mean is that when you become aware of your energy level, sometimes it’s good to take a quick afternoon nap, or put your feet up and drink a cup of tea for 15 minutes. 

    Ask yourself, “what kind of boss am I?” and “if I were an employee, what would I say about the company owner?” Are you a slave driver? Maybe you need to treat your “employee” i.e you with a little bit more kindness.


    2. Recharge your batteries every day.


      No matter how you feel, spend time recharging your own batteries.  You will perform best and be the most resilient when you take good care of your foundation.

      Even on the days when you are feeling good, take time to fill your tank. This approach when you’re feeling good will minimize the bad days too and build your resilience and help to prevent burnout.

      My personal approach is to meditate, do a bit of yoga, journal and read a few pages from an inspiring book. This morning ritual takes about an hour, but I’ve learned over time this is one of the most important hours of my day. It’s my ritual, and it works for me. Take the time to find out what’s best for you.  Some ideas you can use are:


      • Get a good night’s sleep
      • Take a quick afternoon nap
      • Eat clean “live” food. Plenty of fruits, veggies and organic whenever possible
      • Drink plenty of fresh water
      • Spend time in nature
      • Move your body. Go to the gym, go for a walk or ride your bike
      • Quiet time, meditation
      • Breathing exercises
      • Journaling
      • Reading


      3. Set boundaries. Say "yes" and "no".


        Simply put, don’t say yes to every request. I know you might groan when I tell you it’s important to say “no” more often.  But hear me out, you already know how to say no. Here’s what I mean. Every time you say “yes” you are actually saying “no” to all the other things you could be doing at that time.

        So you already are saying no all the time. Learn how to say no to the right things. 

        Instead of worrying about saying no, because you might disappoint someone, decide instead to say a conscious ‘yes’ to the best use of your time and energy


        4. Healthy Relationships


          At times, being an entrepreneur is a lonely path. While I bet you are excited about growing your coaching business, your friends and family probably can’t relate to everything you are doing.  In truth, you will need to make decisions, take action and figure things out, learn and make mistakes and often time you are doing this on your own. These are all part of building a business. But being alone is a very different experience than being lonely.

          When you consciously build and nurture relationships with your friends, family and other business owners you will feel supported and connected. Nurturing and spending time with people you care about it is one of the keys to avoid burnout.


          5. Reframe Your Perspective


            Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. When we look at other people on social media we see many claims of building a “6 figure practice in just a few weeks”, and we see the highlights, the big wins of others. 

            I’m curious, have you ever built a business before? Probably not one like this. So, you are new, and it takes time, energy, action, successes and failures to grow your business. 

            When we think of children we expect them to start school in Kindergarten, go through to Grade 12 and hopefully beyond. We would never expect a little one in Grade One to master calculus or read and analyze Shakespeare. So why do we expect our coaching businesses to be a booming success within just a few months?

            It’s ok to give yourself permission to learn and grow. Soon enough you will have a mature, profitable and sustainable business that you will be proud of. 

            Right now enjoy the learning, and remember to celebrate your growth. 

            Allow yourself to know that you are doing great for where you are right now and that you can improve, and you will improve.



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