3 Things To Give Up If You Want To Move Forward


What are the 3 things you need to give up if you want to move forward?



Watch it here:




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  • Ann

    Thank you your 3 points were quick, powerful and transformational! :)

  • Gezania

    Awesome video and so much honest truth!😊I did all three this week!
    1. I was so much going down the rabbit hole of what others are doing, I didn’t do my own work, as soon as I stopped, everything came back into perspective and I started working on my own progress again.
    2. I stopped gathering info, piling on what I must do and how I am gonna do it, decided to focus on the first most important step, get my business started, then the rest can follow bit by bit.
    3. I had a spa day with mom, feeling blessed and happy, but obviously being in a robe, no make-up, not a business all setup yet, I took the plunge and had a conversation with a lady, I didn’t dabble into who I am, I just said for the first time, I am a life coach – no make-up, no perfection and I sent out a no-perfection message to my friends and family saying what I am doing, not waiting for the pretty email setup, or perfect questions to ask etc. And what an amazing response I got to both these two moments in my life!
    So I am doing all three and keep pushing forward! :-)

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