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Get More Traffic From A Blog Post


18 Ways To Get The Most Traffic Out Of Each Blog Post

18 Ways To Get The Most Traffic Out Of Each Blog Post

Have you wondered how you can get more people reading your blog posts?

One of my favourite ways to help you is to write and create helpful blog posts.

I have an ever-growing list, of “all the things” that I can write to support, inspire, educate and inform you as you start and grow your coaching and wellness business.

Many of you have told me how much you also want to create a blog. This post is written to help those of you who’ve already made a start and you’re wanting a bit more guidance on how to be successful and how to get the information you’ve spent time creating in front of the people you most want to help.

When I first started writing blogs. I would create it, post it on my website and then pretty much haphazardly leave it to be found.

What I noticed, is those posts got very little traction.

I’ll tell you, I was frustrated!  

I knew this information would help you, but I didn’t know how to get it into your hands, so you could benefit from it.

So, I started to do some research and here’s what I found:

One of the things I learned, is that I don’t need to be continually creating more and more blog posts and content. 

Each post takes time to draft, edit, choose photos, decide on a good title and first line, double fine-tune the SEO and finally create a freebie or content upgrade. 

What I found was that writing and posting a blog was only the first step.

It was like running a 10km race and stopping halfway through!

To get it in front of my ideal readers I had to make it visible. 

I began by asking where my clients hung out online, and I realized I wasn’t entirely sure.

To find the answers I went back to basics and asked individuals, then I tested different ways to find out what worked best. The ideas and information weren’t going to do you (my reader) any good if you never saw them!

When you launch your website and your blog, I know you’ve worked hard to craft the message. It’s a reflection of you and your commitment to growing your business.  I’ve found 18 ways to repurpose the content from my blog, which I’ll share with you below. Since the online world is ever-evolving I’m sure I’ll keep finding more ways too.  😊

But for now, here are some ideas you can use to expand the reach your content after you’ve written a blog post. They are all zero cost, it just takes time and your commitment to consistent action.

Go for it!

Take some of the ideas below that most resonate with you and put them into practice.

Once you’ve chosen a few, spread them out over a few days. This way the blog post will be “new” on each platform in every one of its different formats.

18 Ways To Get The Most Traffic Out Of Each Blog Post

Don’t worry that you might bore or overwhelm your audience.

In fact, given the current algorithms, it’s likely some of your audience may not have seen it. I recommend you create a schedule where each blog post is placed in a different location every day for a week.

  1. Create 1 or 2 graphics for each blog post and add them to your main Pinterest board.
  2. Share them on some of your other personal and group Pinterest boards.
  3. Include the blog post in your regular email newsletter.
  4. Post it on your Facebook business page.
  5. Share it on your personal Facebook page.
  6. Share it in Facebook groups.
  7. Share it on Twitter.
  8. Share it on Instagram.
  9. Share it on your LinkedIn page.
  10. Share it in LinkedIn groups.
  11. Create a PowerPoint deck using the content of your blog post and load it onto SlideShare.
  12. Take quotes from your blog post and share the texts individually on Facebook or Twitter.
  13. Create a quote graphic or meme and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  14. Do a Facebook Live on the topic.
  15. Post a video on your YouTube channel.
  16. Post your blog on some of the many blog sharing forums. (e.g. E-Zine Articles, Bloglovin, Reddit,
  17. Whenever you post your blog on your website or on social media, ask people to share it with a friend.
  18. Be part of a community and from time to time exchange guest posts with another, like-minded, bloggers. Allow them to post a blog to your audience in exchange for you posting on theirs.

Bonus tip: Don’t hesitate to go back to your archive and re-share some of your most popular posts every few months

Each time you cycle your content, new people will see it. Maybe they missed it the first time or maybe they’ve only just found you and everything you do is new to them. 

To help you I’ve created a checklist you can download and use to keep track of when, where and how you want to share your blog posts.  You can get your hands on your copy here >>>> Ways to Share Your Blog to Get More Traffic


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