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Build a Beautiful Website - 4 Week Live Master Class (SOLD OUT - SIGN UP FOR WAIT LIST)
Build a Beautiful Website - 4 Week Live Master Class (SOLD OUT - SIGN UP FOR WAIT LIST)
Build a Beautiful Website - 4 Week Live Master Class (SOLD OUT - SIGN UP FOR WAIT LIST)
Build a Beautiful Website - 4 Week Live Master Class (SOLD OUT - SIGN UP FOR WAIT LIST)
Build a Beautiful Website - 4 Week Live Master Class (SOLD OUT - SIGN UP FOR WAIT LIST)

Build a Beautiful Website - 4 Week Live Master Class (SOLD OUT - SIGN UP FOR WAIT LIST)

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It’s Time To Cross “Get Website Done” Off Your To Do List.

Your website makes a first impression. It’s often the tipping point between a YES and a NO when attracting new clients.

With my step by step proven system you will create a website you are proud to share with potential clients in less than 4 weeks.

What if your website could easily and efficiently handle the money for you and you never had to invoice anyone or be a bill collector ever again?

The solution is to begin by thinking about your website as a Work-In-Progress. SO you can modify it as you change and grow. We’ll work with the KISS principle, "Keep it simple Sweetie",  and your clear laser focused message.  We’ll create a beautiful design friendly place where people who desperately need your solution can easily connect with you. I’ll show you how to create this invaluable tool you can use to quickly grow your coaching practice and make your wildest dreams come true.

Honestly, when someone checks you out to see if you might be the right person for them the first things they do is Google you and look at your website. Did you know the difference between getting a “YES” or  a "NO" can happen in less than a second? First impressions count; big time and it’s not surprising when you think about it. Really, it makes total sense. I can help you make the best first impression, with my proven fool proof method.

How can you make a first impression if you don't have a website?

If your website is complicated, hard to read, boring or just plain looks like crap they’ll leave and go elsewhere. 

But, if your website is well-designed EVEN IF you are a complete beginner just starting out they will hang around and look further because they appreciate the effort you put  in to look professional and they can clearly see what problems you can help them solve. 

I can show you step by step, how to easily get a professional looking website for your business, for less money and time.

Here's what we'll cover in the 4-Week Live Master Class

Week One

  • It's  all about the authentic you, which means that you can start the process of building a website that truly reflects you and your individual approach.
  • You will learn hands on navigation and exact keystrokes in a practical and safe way
  • You’ll get all the steps you need to easily build your mood board using a simple and fun approach. This means you’ll choose colours, fonts and the feel of your brand.
  • How to choose and set up your domain (web address) so you’ve got a place for your coaching website
  • How to get a great headshot or lifestyle photos of yourself so people can better connect with you when they find your website.

Week Two

  • This week we focus on your client
  • Clearly identify your niche and the way you want to support them
  • Identify the intricate details of your “ideal client” which will allow you to create a website that talks directly to them.
  • Choose photos and graphics that portray your message in a way that you have a cohesive consistent message
  • Lock down your Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions so you can protect your business and your professional reputation
  • How to gather powerful testimonials

Week Three

  • At this point, you’ve collected the building blocks of your website. This week we put many puzzle pieces together.
  • Customize the structure of your website
  • Compose empowering messages that will speak to your client’s needs. This means that you will begin creating an atmosphere of trust with your visitors
  • We’ll actually put all the elements directly into the website so you can see it taking shape
  • Integrate social media links
  • Create a blog page and learn exactly how to set them up so they look professional and searchable. A blog is a great medium to add value to your clients so they are more likely to reach out to you for coaching.

Week Four

  • We’ll talk about pricing and create packages that reflect the way you want to coach
  • Set up a way for people to ask you questions through your website
  • Create a place where potential clients can book a complimentary session to try out your service
  • Finalize all the bells and whistles. The buttons and the links.
  • Best approach to user testing so you know everything works seamlessly.
  • Get your shopping cart ready to go, this means people can pay you right on your website.
  • How to launch your website. Strategies and techniques so you can get traction…..quickly
  • Celebrate!


Bonus #1: One 1:1 30 minute coaching session that you can use any way you like. You can use it to help narrow down your niche or your ideal client, your colours and content, your products,….whatever you choose.

Bonus #2: A second 1:1 30 minute session where I will personally review your website. I will review the user experience, give you visibility into their first impression of you as a coach and give you kind and constructive feedback on how you can optimize a visitor’s experience.

Bonus #3: My powerful “Identify Your Ideal Client” technique to help you hone in on who your best clients are and more important how to find and reach them.