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results of coaching survey. What do you need the most help with in your coaching business?

Inquiring minds want to know

A couple of weeks ago I asked these questions.  What are some of your biggest challenges right now about becoming a coach? Where do you need help?

I had so many wonderful responses and I’ve read all of your answers.  I bet you’re curious about the survey results too so I’m sharing some of the specific results below.

….and more importantly what they mean and some ways to get help right now!

These were the most common issues. The good news, if one of these is your biggest challenge, I have got plenty of resources already in place to help you out.

Issue #1: I’m a new coach and I don’t know where to start. / How to get started as a coach. / What’s the first step?

Almost two-thirds of you said this was your biggest worry right now!

If this is your current concern, I recommend you start by reading these:



or take my 5-Day Challenge: Kickstart Your Coaching Business.


Issue #2: How do I get paying clients? / How much should I charge? / What do I do in our first session together? / What if I run out of powerful coaching questions?

A whopping 65% of you told me this is your biggest worry!

Grab the popcorn!

I’ve got a four-part video series you can binge watch. I know it’s not as spectacular as Game of Thrones…but these videos are packed with value.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

….and grab a copy of my book Get Coaching Clients Now: 15 Step-by-Step Strategies.

Issue #3: Confidence

Hands down. The biggest challenge of them all!

You told me you are plagued with perfectionism, procrastination and self-doubt and many of the written responses openly shared your fears about conquering self-doubt or even how to have the confidence to take the first step

I will definitely create more teachings and activities to help you in the future but for now, you can check out a few of the resources I’ve already created about imposter syndrome, self-doubt and lack of confidence.

If you love to read >>> click here and here 

If you love to watch >>> watch this video


In addition, I’ve found there are lots of you who are either “baby” coaches or considering becoming a coach and you’ve never had a coach before!

If you’re reading this, you know how powerful coaching is. So I’ve got to ask, how can you be a coach, a really successful coach if you don’t get coached on a regular basis?  I’m saying this because 

I really want the absolute best for you and we both know coaching helps people get the results they’ve been dreaming of for years. 

If this is you I invite you to set up a call with me here. I’d love to be your coach, let’s see if we’re a match. >>> Schedule a call



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